If you are a buyer interested in Land, Farms, or Homes with Acreage you will most likely need guidance in finding your property. There are multiple things to consider prior to finding that property whether it be recreational land, farm land, hunting property, or a family retreat.

Information – Before spending time travelling and walking property you may want to narrow down or exclude property from your list of possibilities. This is done by viewing properties online. We can start your process by sending information to you according to your specifications such as acreage, location, price, features, and improvements. Our websites provide multiple pictures, video, drone video, interactive maps, topographical maps, aerial maps, and surveys.

Property Viewing – Our team has four-wheel drive vehicles, ATV’s, and hike properties with buyers. We also use GPS applications to determine our physical location on the property while viewing.

Land and Farm Financing – Land financing is a bit different from a home mortgage. Rates, Money Down, and Loan Terms vary. We can provide you a list of the best financial institutions that provide Land and Farm Loans. You can interview those lenders to determine the best product to buy your land or farm.

Home Mortgages – Homes with larger acreage and improvements such as barns, fencing, garages, pools, sheds, guest cottages, and other farm improvements may not be allowed with some home lenders. We can also get a list of home lenders that understand country homes or homes with acreage or farm land and improvements.

Due Diligence – Perk Tests, Soil Studies, and Surveys may be needed. I can guide you through that process.

After you Buy – You may need help with farm improvements, building a home, excavation, road building, or pond building after you purchase your Land or Farm. I can put you in contact with great contractors.

Everything outlined contributes to a successful purchase of Farms and Land in Virginia. If you want a list of properties to consider, please contact me. I’m also a Licensed Appraiser and can assist you in valuing potential Land, Farms, or Homes with Acreage that you are considering.

Matt Gallimore – Real Estate Broker / Auctioneer / Appraiser / MBA

United Country – Blue Ridge Land and Auction